Grocery Delivery Service Burpy Featured on a Slice of Silicon Hills

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179795_433710440061652_1513655363_n-1Ever wish you could call someone to go grocery shopping for you? Not bring you frozen food in a truck, but actually go to H-E-B or Walmart and pick up what you want as if you were going yourself. Well, if you live in Austin, you can now use Burpy – a grocery delivery service that does exactly that.
Burpy was founded by University of Texas mechanical engineering Senior Aseem Ali. Ali did not have a car for his first few semesters at UT, and had been looking for an alternative way to purchase groceries. Teaming up with four other UT students, Ali launched the company in March of 2013 and has made around 120 deliveries so far. Burpy also participated in UT’s Longhorn Startup program, where the five students were mentored by Sai Ganesh, Dennis Kashkin, Travis McCutcheon.
Users can order food and other items found at grocers such as HEB and Whole Foods directly from The delivery price varies from $10 to $12 depending on the type of service you select — Burpy can deliver any time between 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. or can be scheduled to deliver at a specific time. Users are also able to upload an entire grocery list if they already know what they need.
In the last three weeks, Burpy has expanded its operation to serve the entire Austin area. It is currently looking to contract additional drivers for specific area codes.

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  1. Great business model! Ive been waiting for someone to create something similar. Only problem is their website. They force you to log in just to take a peek around. Horrible! I have yet to even look at the website because I dont want to waste my time logging in. Laura, Please pass on that advice to the founders of burpy. I remember reading somewhere that forcing immediate registration reduces conversion ratio ~60% due to the majority immediately leaving the website rather than signing in.

  2. Chris Morris says:

    Awesome! Plan to use their service soon. Would love to watch the segment but I am getting “There was an error playing this video” message when I press play.

    • Hi Chris,
      Andrew is checking into the video playback issues and plans to have it corrected soon. Thanks for letting us know.


  3. Hopefully you guys can make it and have studied the history of this business model from those who entered this business 10 years ago such as GroceryWorks and Webvan as well as those who deliver groceries today (and then some) such as TaskRabbit.

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