A Slice of Silicon Hills with Cynthia Phelps and Health 2.0

Reporter with Silicon Hills News

Health 2.0 is an international organization working to revolutionize health care by supporting new medical technologies and startups around the globe. It has 70 chapters worldwide, and hosts conferences and code-a-thons to support medical innovation. It also collects research on the health care industry. Now, under the leadership of Cynthia Phelps, Ph.D., San Antonio can claim one of those chapters.
The goal of Health 2.0 San Antonio is to provide a support structure for new health technology startups. To help startups get off the ground, the organization educates members on topics such as FDA regulations and HIPPA requirements. To provide funding to new companies, Health 2.0 San Antonio will seek out and form relationships with health care savvy investors. It will also work to organize large code-a-thon events in San Antonio and facilitate more cooperation between San Antonio’s health care and tech sectors.
Health 2.0 of San Antonio is based at Geekdom and meets every third Tuesday of the month on the 11th floor of the Weston Centre. You can stay updated on new events on the Health 2.0 San Antonio Meetup page.


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