Spiritcube Expands its Digital After Life Company to Austin

images-12Want to leave a lasting legacy online long after you’ve gone to the grave?
Not content to just write R.I.P. on a gravestone? Then Spiritcube has got a product for you.
The Miami-based company sells a digital-after life online package that allows people to leave behind text, photos, video and more for loved ones after they’ve left this world.
And Spiritcube has decided that Austin’s “Silicon Hills” offer plenty of opportunity for the company to expand outside of Florida. The company is opening an office here.
“If businesses are looking for a sustainable, progressive and an affordable city to expand their futures, then they need to look no further than Austin, Texas,” according to Spiritcube’s news release. “There’s a reason why dozens of national and international technology based corporations chose to open an office and operate from Austin. The Information and Computer Technology industry was selected to be part of Texas Governor Rick Perry’s growth initiative because of its powerful potential for future economic growth.”
Spiritcube is opening a research and development office that will also provide customer service, according to the company. It did not provide details on how many people will be located in Austin.


  1. Tanner Able says:

    This is an absolutely brilliant idea. I think I’ll get started with mine soon…..

  2. Allen R. says:

    Spiritcube is a cool name and it makes sense. Nice to see a service and website that delivers when someone needs it. Glad is was there for me and my family. My mom’s tribute is awesome. Nice features and cool effects.

  3. Terry Kent says:

    Its Free! I like the open source aspect, good site, how long is it going to be FREE. I like this better than legacy.com much better, the background is cool.

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