The WP Engine team knows how to have fun

Back in February, Susan Lahey did this profile of WP Engine, the wordpress hosting site founded by Jason Cohen.
The startup is growing by leaps and bounds. And today they posted a video showing their team spirit and showcasing why Austin is a great place to work. The entire staff ran a 5K around Town Lake, including the wet guy, which you’ll have to watch the video to see what he did. I love all the geeks mapping out and caching their routes with their laptops.
San Austin Productions, a business that clearly sees the opportunity in the combined Austin and San Antonio technology community, shot the video.


  1. ::Top secret information::
    I actually DID run the entire 5k first — THEN we shot the lake-jumping / cheating scenes…

    Thank you for the awesome post! WP Engine, and Austin in general, is a really great place to be.

    • Ok, I’ll amend the post. I loved that part. It looked like a scene out of the creature from the black lagoon. 🙂

      • Taylor West says:

        No need to amend! Ah.. you did already.. 🙂

        That part WAS fun — but oddly, was more tiring than the entire 5k itself. You’d be surprised how heavy tennis shoes get when you try to swim in them!

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