You’re Invited to TechStars Cloud Demo Day on April 11th

In January, entrepreneurs from all over the country arrived in San Antonio for the first ever TechStars Cloud.
Nicole Glaros, one of the program’s directors, moved to San Antonio with her family for the three month program.
Jason Seats, the other director, says the program is coming to a conclusion with TechStars Cloud Demo Day on April 11th at the Charline McCombs Empire Theater at 226 N. St. Mary’s Street.
At the event, 11 TechStars Cloud teams will give eight minute company pitches to the audience which will include investors, TechStar mentors, family and friends as well as community members.
To reserve a seat, you’ve got to RSVP on Eventbrite because the event is expected to be at capacity.
Angel and other investors can also contact Jason Seats directly about reserving a seat at the event.
TechStars Cloud Demo Day runs from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. with an after party at the Weston Center Terrace starting at 7 p.m.


  1. Mr. Jason Seats,
    I’ve only recently become formally involved with business incubation.
    I have taken on the position of Director of Business Development for a small firm in Cleveland, Ohio called Dobb, Inc. Currently I’m doing my due diligence by performing a feasibility study and developing a business plan for the development of a local variation of an incubator.
    I would like to get up to speed on your world (business incubation) in a short a period of time. I’ve heard so many good things about you and TechStars, I thought I’d start with you. What ever you can send me, or where ever you can direct me, would be greatly appreciated. I hope, as this project evolves, I will get the opportunity to discuss BI with you. Until that time I can only proactively thank you for your efforts.
    I have been know to drink a cold one (or two) in Austin before, perhaps it will happen again?
    Best regards,
    Stephen Dzuro
    Director Business Development
    Dobb, Inc.
    1030 E. 62 St.
    Cleveland, Ohio 44103
    216.361.9208 Office
    216.334.9999 Cell
    216.361.1154 Fax

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